My Urban Kitchen + The Stelton Emma Pitcher

Hello friends! Do you want to see a room in my property that I never ever, ever show? MY KITCHEN. And even now, I’m just offering you a behind-the-curtains peek. Possibly I’ll demonstrate far more on my Instagram soon… But for now, this is my blue, Nordic-inspired, kitchen. And the best…

Hello friends! Do you want to see a room in my property that I never ever, ever show? MY KITCHEN. And even now, I’m just offering you a behind-the-curtains peek. Possibly I’ll demonstrate far more on my Instagram soon… But for now, this is my blue, Nordic-inspired, kitchen. And the best portion? I’ve filled it with factors that I adore like the new Emma Pitcher from Stelton along with their glasses and concave vases, all linked at the bottom of this post.

My Urban Kitchen + The Stelton Emma Pitcher

I adore combining price range pieces with nicer, nicely-created ones to create a space that works for me and my household. Take for instance my kitchen. I have affordable cabinets from a massive box retailer, a customized counter from a neighborhood kitchen shop, economical shelves and paint on the walls from a quite exclusive paint brand. I believe the paint was much more pricey than the countertop! And the countertop was more expensive than the shelves. Whilst it may possibly look my priorities are whack, I know what I want. I can get white cabinets from anywhere but I cannot often locate the perfect paint color that speaks to my heart. My heart leads when I’m decorating, constantly.

Perhaps you are the identical? Even when it comes to my wallet, I don’t mind paying a minor much more on items that make me satisfied, even if it implies saving up for them. That is why my up coming investment will be a residence that I very own so I can construct the kitchen of my dreams. Fingers crossed. But until that day, I get pride in what I have and make my urban rental my own. 1 way I do this is to only purchase what I plan to use and enjoy, but also things that I can see loving a 12 months or two from now. I’m trying challenging to be less wasteful when it comes to almost everything in my lifestyle, specifically with material possessions. I do not need 20 bottles of perfume and 200 vases stored in my home, do I? But I do need practical objects in my kitchen that I use each and every day and get pleasure from, and if they are not inexpensive, even much better – because then I will preserve them for longer and they won’t break and end up in the trash can.

My Urban Kitchen + The Stelton Emma Pitcher

This is why I adore Danish design and always go back to it, even following periods when I get a small tired of seeing it, I return once again and yet again. It would seem the Danes have a keen eye for detail, beauty, all things all-natural, craftsmanship, simplicity, and practical.

If you’ve not heard of Copenhagen-based mostly brand Stelton, then you have to check out their site and see for oneself how right the Danish do it. I have many Stelton merchandise in my kitchen and appreciate them 12 months soon after year. I offered Stelton as presents to pals for unique events, my pal who not too long ago bought her first house was gifted a copper Stelton copper EM77, for instance. I know she will really like it for numerous many years and use it. I know it won’t break in a month or even a year from now.

If you recognize in this post, you will see my recent favorite solution from them – the Stelton Emma Pitcher. It was designed by Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft, who met even though attending the Danish Style College. A decade soon after college, they founded their personal layout studio, HolmbäckNordentoft, and collaborated with Stelton to generate products like the Emma Pitcher, accessible in gray and blue. The Emma Pitcher has a 50s Danish vibe but incorporates contemporary materials like stainless steel and a coated beechwood manage. I adore how these designers have made this traditional layout fresh and new.

When I use the Pitcher at property, I like to place the optional best on it (manufactured for refrigerator-use) and store herb-infused or fruit-infused water. My aim is to drink one pitcher per day now that I have Emma in my daily life. Nowadays, I have mint in my water with some fresh ginger and lemon. Tomorrow, I might opt for raspberries and mint. This Pitcher if best for me to meet my aim to drink more water every day.

My Urban Kitchen + The Stelton Emma Pitcher

My Urban Kitchen + The Stelton Emma Pitcher

You can see in my kitchen, total with my generic affordable cabinets, what occurs when you mix in effectively-crafted and gorgeous issues to your interiors like Stelton items, the overall look goes from price range to private and even a bit classy. Plus, these iconic brands make an impression on you and your visitors every time you use them. They just truly feel much better. Individuals discover them when they check out, and you can inform them a minor about them. In some approaches, it’s the difference between owning a fancy automobile and very low-cost, no-frills car – the fancy auto provides you a good deal far more to speak about – not brag, just to go over. I like that about owning great things.

My Urban Kitchen + The Stelton Emma Pitcher

It is not about showing off, because my close friends know me far better than that anyway… But it is about displaying that you care about having a number of good pieces because they make you content to just personal them and share them with visitors, as well. I also like getting some items that not every person else has. If it sounds pretentious, properly honest adequate. But becoming pretentious is to pretend you have one thing greater than you really do. But if you DO have very good factors and you’re not pretending, then you are not pretentious are you? You just like what you like and high quality, prolonged-lasting pieces come with a cost. They don’t have to be expensive, but they also will not be from the dollar keep. The older I get, the a lot more I require great products in my daily life. I don’t want to be surrounded by items that break simply or end up in the trash in six months. Quality more than amount wins.

My Urban Kitchen + The Stelton Emma Pitcher

 Shown above from Stelton:

On my wishlist from Stelton:

Much more glasses because 4 is not adequate, a press coffee maker and the coffee grinder – would love to begin producing coffee at home like this vs. making use of the Nepresso.

For a restricted time, you can WIN the #EmmaPitcher by signing up for the Stelton newsletter here (wait for the pop-up in the reduce correct).

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a see of my kitchen and these products that I enjoy so considerably.

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(Note: This submit has been sponsored by Stelton, a good friend of mine for a number of many years who is really supportive of decor8 and the operate that I do. It is by means of occasional sponsors like Stelton that I can maintain operating complete-time in a creative profession that I really like, help my loved ones, and preserve decor8 ad-free of charge. All opinions expressed in this publish are my very own. I only review what I very own, use and love.)



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