45 Amazing craft ideas from paper!

There are so many ideas for crafting with paper. You want to be surprised? We dive into the world of creativity! But first the question: “What exactly it could make paper?”.

The paper flowers that can be seen in different shapes and colors are very popular. Stuck in a vase, glued to the window … – http://decor10blog.com/decorating-ideas/45-amazing-craft-ideas-from-paper.html
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Why Do All Zippers Have the Letters YKK on Them?

If you look down at your zipper, there’s a hefty chance it bears the initials YKK. Why?
The letters stand for Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha, a name that translates to “Yoshida Manufacturing Shareholding Company.”
A shrewd businessman named Tadao Yoshida founded the zipper beh… – http://goo.gl/r0b82X
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My DIY Pineapple Rug Featured In HGTV Magazine!

Did you hear the exciting blog news?! I was just featured in the April issue of HGTV Magazine, and can hardly contain my excitement—so much so that these iPhone photos were all I had the patience to snap before sharing the big news! I am beyond thrilled and honored to be mentioned alongside a ha… – http://decor10blog.com/diy/my-diy-pineapple-rug-featured-in-hgtv-magazine.html
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7 DIY Links To Boost Your Maker Motivation

Although the sun has been out for much of the week and the birds have joined up together again as the hottest symphony in town, I can’t help but take a deep, deep breath now that Friday is officially here. A lot has gone down in the past five days, and I’m looking forward to a r… – http://decor10blog.com/diy/7-diy-links-to-boost-your-maker-motivation.html
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Fantastic living room decorating ideas purple sofa

Fantastic living room decorating ideas purple sofa
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March 10, 2016   Decor ideas by creatives, home furniture  
Diamond sofa Venice convertible sofa in purple$ 899,00
The Venice collection by diamond sofa harkens with an atmosphere all its own style of old-time Hollywood b… – http://decor10blog.com/design-ideas/fantastic-living-room-decorating-ideas-purple-sofa.html
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20 Stylish Outfit Ideas by Fashion Blogger Jovana Zuka from After Two Five

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All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the … – http://decor10blog.com/fashion/20-stylish-outfit-ideas-by-fashion-blogger-jovana-zuka-from-after-two-five.html
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Upcycled Oxidized Copper Planters

You gotta love it when two beloved trends get together for a simple DIY project — especially when houseplants get in on the action too! The two trends I’m talking about are copper and marble, and the two of them pair up nicely with these oxidized copper planters. Upcycle empty paint cans, j… – http://decor10blog.com/diy/upcycled-oxidized-copper-planters.html
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Modern Mexican House Located in Yucatan

Modern Mexican architecture and design are employed in the creation of this contemporary raw house located in Yucatán, with its vast windows, large open volumes and a wide range of raw materials. The architects from Estilo Arquitectura team had a challenging narrow plot to begin with and the … – http://decor10blog.com/interior-design/modern-mexican-house-located-in-yucatan.html
House, Located, Mexican, Modern, Yucatan – by Ramon – Decor10

Spring?! Transport yourself to bliss with these amazing porches

Nothing energizes me like the smell of spring in the air.  I always want to clean house and freshen things up.  Of course, nothing makes me want to slow down and smell the roses either.  A porch like this would definitely have me spending warm afternoons doing absolutely nothing.

Even a small … – http://decor10blog.com/interior-design/spring-transport-yourself-to-bliss-with-these-amazing-porches.html
Amazing, bliss, porches, Spring, These, Transport, Yourself – by Ramon – Decor10