Lucky Bamboo Plant Room

If you like the houseplants, but have no free time regularly to maintain them, the bamboo room proves the perfect potted plant For you.

The lucky bamboo refreshes the whole atmosphere in the room by its original appearance and the symbolism he carries. Talisman to be home favourite and popular… by

The Happiest Barn

Our barn was SO very happy this weekend! We finally hosted an event–my sister & singer songwriter Christa Wells had an all day writer’s circle gathering along with 42 lovely women. Here are a few of them.

Our next event is Hope*ologie Live on November 15th, tickets are… by

DIY Digitized Painted Pumpkin Tray // With ScotchBlue

For me (and maybe for most of you guys, too), Halloween just feels like one big happy excuse to party. Now, of course, I don’t mean the type of raucous college-era soirees that lasted well into the first of November, but instead a responsibly raucous party filled with goofy adult antics and the … by

Stylish Bedroom Designs With Beautiful Creative Details

Everyone wants to feel like their bedroom is beautiful. It should be a place you feel comfortable, safe, and inspired. These bedrooms take this feeling to another level with creative elements from artwork to design features to light fixtures. Each one is unique and inviting.

The first bedroom… by

It’s Fall Time, The Barn Is Ready, And I Want You To Come Here!

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!
I’m joining in with Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling Co. for her fall tour. Lindsay’s home ALWAYS inspires me, and I had the joy of meeting her last year. Be sure to check out her fall photos!
Today, instead of sharing our home, I want to share… by

Sofas And Carpets Bring Cosiness In The Winter

Sofas and carpets – a tandem that Right away is associated with comfort in the winter months. The sofas are carpets with classical motifs, soft and comfortable. The sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the Interior. If it does not have enough space in the Living room, the sofa… by

Casa Sierra Leona: A Mexico City Tribute To Modernism

This stunning home from architect José Juan Rivera Río is located on the outskirts of the Mexico City sprawl. Built in 2014, the home takes its inspiration from the modernism of the 1960′s but puts its own beautiful modern twist on the style.
Located on the outskirts of Mexico City, in t… by

“Clearance” To “Classic” // DIY Rope-Wrapped Lamp

You guys know that I’m all about saving a penny or two, so the clearance section is one of my favorite places to wander through. A cup that sports an adorable pattern and a teeny tiny chip in the rim? Use it for pens and pencils! A garishly painted owl figurine? Spray paint it white!… by