Broombank House By Soup Architects Planned As “two White Sugar Cubes” Floating Over A Meadow

The wild rural landscape extends up over the roof of this riverside home in Suffolk, England, which was created by British firm Soup Architects with walls constructed from handmade bricks (+ movie).

Named Broombank, the residence by Soup Architects is accessed by a extended, narrow lane and set… by

Projet Vélo Chilien Yerka Quand Le Cadre Devient Verrou

Le projet Yerka, imaginé par trois étudiants chiliens propose de repenser la conception même du vélo comme nous le connaissons et cela pour astucieusement y insérer un système de verrou antivol, question hautement sensible pour les possesseurs et amoureux de ce deux roues en ville… by

Grzegorz Layer Creates A Menswear Store Inside A Former Sewing Factory

A concrete staircase ascends to a mezzanine office at this menswear showroom inside a former sewing factory in the Polish city of Katowice, which was renovated by architect Grzegorz Layer (+ slideshow).

Grzegorz Layer renovated a two-storey space in the abandoned factory creating to generate a… by

Double Bureau Le Suisse Par Giulio Parini

Giulio Parini, designer basé en Suisse revient sur BED suite à la présentation de son projet Neolithic, un bureau ou plutôt un double bureau permettant personne de travailler ensemble baptisé Le Suisse.
L&rsquoélément central mêlant rangements et tiroirs en bois vient diviser l&… by

Studio Makkink & Bey Creates Blue Pottery Making Use Of Traditional Indian Methods

Dutch designers Studio Makkink &amp Bey collaborated with a family members of craftspeople in northern India to develop a collection of Jaipur-clay ceramics (+ slideshow).

Studio Makkink &amp Bey worked with artisans in Jaipur to develop the collection, which was designed to celebrate … by

Beautiful Woodland Adore Nest Built For Beneath $4000

Carpenter Dave Herrle and his fiancée has completed their adore nest nestled in the woods of Westbrook. It took Dave Herrle 6 weeks to finish the complete perform, and the project only cost about \$4,000. Sitting on a wooden platform, this gorgeous tiny house features a cozy kitchen, bright l… by

Six Items That Inspired Me This Weekend

I believed I&#8217d highlight 6 inspirations since I&#8217m on-line a tiny this weekend and had a few moments to check up on my favorites blogs and websites to see what&#8217s new. Please click on all of the links that interest you so you can discover out more&#8230

1. 1st, the new plant ser… by