P77 Chair By Jonas Lindvall For Johanson Design And Style

Perfect for workplace or education environments, Johanson Design&#8217s P77 chair is an stackable chair that can be utilised each indoors and out.

The P77 is a lightweight, comfortable, durable and stackable armchair.
The outcome of the very first collaborative project in between Swedish brand… by http://decor10blog.com/home-design/p77-chair-by-jonas-lindvall-for-johanson-design-and-style.html

Fabric Pen By Ingrida Kazenaite Repairs Clothing Without Having Stitching

Lithuanian designer Ingrida Kazenaite has developed a conceptual pen that would mend broken clothing by “printing” over rips and tears.

Ingrida Kazenaite invented the wand-shaped device to repair old garments, so the wearer would not have to throw them away as often.

Connected… by http://decor10blog.com/design-ideas/fabric-pen-by-ingrida-kazenaite-repairs-clothing-without-having-stitching.html

The Foldable Stairway Slide And DIY Cardboard Slide

If you have a stairs at residence, then your young children will be happy when locate this amazing foldable stairway slide. These foldable mats by Trisha Cleveland will convert your boring, old staircase into an indoor playground slide for your youngsters. Regrettably, correct now it is not… by http://decor10blog.com/decorating-ideas/the-foldable-stairway-slide-and-diy-cardboard-slide.html

Exposition 1992 UNPREDICTABLE Design

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La Paris Design and style Week 2014 arrive à grands pas, évènement marquant de la rentrée, je vous présente une exposition qu’il ne faut certainement pas manquer : 1992 UNPRED… by http://decor10blog.com/home-design/exposition-1992-unpredictable-design.html

Kitchen Countertop Inspirations Color

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Kitchen Countertop Inspirations Colour. Own an outmoded aged cook area can be dull and troubled. This will impact your mood when culinary. We will give you handy suggestions on how you can spice up your ancient cook space and t… by http://decor10blog.com/home-design/kitchen-countertop-inspirations-color.html

Chameleonic Gemstones Map Brain Activity Across Headdress By The Unseen

Style studio The Unseen has created a gemstone-encrusted headdress that adjustments colour in response to varying power levels in the brain.

Continuing her function with colour-changing ink, The Unseen founder Lauren Bowker worked with gemstone firm Swarovski to form the Vicenza… by http://decor10blog.com/design-ideas/chameleonic-gemstones-map-brain-activity-across-headdress-by-the-unseen.html

Stool In The Quickly Breakfast Location Deluxe Kitchen Island Tips

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Stool In The Quickly Breakfast Location Deluxe Kitchen Island Tips. Have an passe aged cook area can be boring and troubled. This will affect your mood when culinary. We will present you handy ideas on how yo… by http://decor10blog.com/home-design/stool-in-the-quickly-breakfast-location-deluxe-kitchen-island-tips.html

DSDHA Creates Light-filled Warehouse Studio And Gallery For Edmund De Waal

British firm DSDHA has developed a new studio and gallery for ceramic artist Edmund de Waal within the shell of a converted munitions warehouse in south London (+ slideshow).

Getting designed a smaller studio back in 2005 for the artist, DSDHA founders Deborah Saunt and David Hill had been… by http://decor10blog.com/design-ideas/dsdha-creates-light-filled-warehouse-studio-and-gallery-for-edmund-de-waal.html